Increases in petrol prices may not necessarily translate into increases in worth.

2 years ago -

Gasoline price I see it increase, like the way life is also improved and need it, we talk about it, life struggles will appear somewhere, then talk a lot about it, it seems we haven’t talked much in terms of self-worth, has it increased yet.

History of the price increase “Increase is more, decrease is less.”

In 1995, when I was 4 years old, the price of gasoline increased markedly, 1000vnd / 1liter, in 2000, it continued to increase, in 2005 it increased again, in 2011 it increased unexpectedly – 10000 / liter, 2016 slightly increased, 2017 increased sharply. … 2022 increased sharply only because of political conflicts and pandemics. That’s the reality, because I’m dependent and using it every day.

It would be silly if I personally would expect it to drop. I live long enough to say this:
“Gasoline prices will not fall, it will be too little, because it understands its own value.”

Is your value the same as the price of gasoline?

This question is just to confirm where we are, and have really done our best.

A few thoughts:

  • Balance is an important factor in life.
  • One thing’s for sure, when you’re worth more than that, the price volatility of strawberry gasoline doesn’t matter.
  • I was born to create value.
  • Focus and add value to yourself, increasing the value of the audience you will interact with.
  • Together developed.

I hope that moving forward, you will see things positively. I keep looking for happiness for myself.

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